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Folks we are getting near that 2012-2013 NBA All-Star game, which means that it’s time to get into the things like the 3-Point Shooting Contest, the Slam Dunk Contest, the Rookie vs. Sophomore game, the Skills Challenge, and of course the All-Star game itself. Guess what though? You can bet on ALL of this, and this means that you have to make sure that you are prepared to get your bet downs with the best betting site for your NBA action. On top of that, the run to the playoffs starts just after the All-Star break, so don’t miss out on one of the biggest betting times of the NBA season, and also get prepared for the start of the playoffs! Today I’m going to break down the best option for betting on the NBA, and that is 5Dimes.

Games, props, over/unders, money line bets, and pretty much anything else that you could imagine will be an option to bet on at 5Dimes. They offer some of the best options for bettors out there for all sports, especially the NBA. 5Dimes makes sports betting as easy as you could possibly imagine as well, because getting from point A to point B on the site and getting your bets down will only take you a few seconds, which is absolutely a perk.

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5Dimes Top Features:

United States Bettors- I can’t lie to you, one of the biggest and best parts of betting at 5Dimes is the fact that United States bettors are more than welcome there. The fact that one of the best sports betting sites in the game will allow you to place your NBA action there is great. The NBA is based almost fully out of the United States, with a little bit of Canadian action being tossed into the mix as well, and it’s excellent that bettors from the US are accepted.

Live Betting- If you aren’t a fan of live betting then I’d say the only reason for that is probably because you haven’t given it a shot! There’s nothing more exciting about watching a game then being able to get some action down on what you think is going to happen next. There are also things like moving odds on who will win the game, and these can be great bets if you think a team losing the game could make a comeback, as they will offer excellent odds.

The bets that are going to be offered to players at 5Dimes are excellent, mainly because there are so many different options out there. Each NBA game is going to feature different betting options, and you’ll also have the option to place bets like parlays, teasers, round robins, pleasers, and quite a few other options as well. I also love the fact that 5Dimes makes sure to constantly update their odds and lines so that you are going to constantly be getting the most up to date line on whichever game that you are betting on.

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5Dimes is an excellent option for NBA bettors, no matter what you are looking to bet on for a specific game. Their customer service is top notch, their lines and odds are updated often, and they make sure to give you some of the best and easiest deposit and withdrawal methods to get money and off of the site quickly. To bet on the rest of the NBA season and the NBA Playoffs and Finals make sure that you are taking advantage of their current deposit bonus at 5Dimes.

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Good luck in NBA betting everyone, and be sure to check out my FULL 5Dimes Sportsbook Review!