My name is Tyler, and I’m the Owner of I am not rich, wealthy, nor am I a full-time sports betting professional. However, I do know a lot more than your average Joe about betting on sports, especially about WHERE and HOW to bet on sports ONLINE. is a site I started after having all of my friends and family ask me; “How do you make money betting on sports ONLINE?”

You see, they got sick of going 2 for 3…3 for 4…or even 5 for 6 on these MASSIVE payout lottery sports gambling tickets. I mean, 5 out of 6 is AWESOME, and VERY tough to do. Just one problem though…and it’s a BIG one…it pays NOTHING!…ZERO!!…ZILCH!!! The truth is that those exact tickets have EXTREMELY LOW odds of EVER cashing. Not only is there a stipulation for how many games you must play, but they also add these things called TIES, making it even harder to achieve profits by forcing you to come within exact point ranges. The odds are simply STACKED against you.

Well, good news. I got tired of seeing these people come up short due to a last second basket, missed extra point or even a SHOOTOUT!…Blah, blah, etc.,etc. and the list just goes on and on. Enough was enough, so I decided I HAD to start this website and let EVERYONE know the answer to their question above. The TRUTH is that PLENTY of people are/have BEEN making PROFITS betting on sports online…and LOTS of them. Also, more good news… there is nothing stopping YOU from joining them TODAY. So I advise you all to STOP betting your sports in stores and at casinos, and to START betting your sports ONLINE!

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