Reading the line movement in online sports betting is a pretty big thing, and it definitely takes some people a bit longer than others to figure that out. It’s not a bad thing! Just something that I definitely feel I need to make a note of. People constantly ask why reading line movement is so important, and also why the line moves throughout from the time that it is first posted, right up until it closes at game time. Well, for starters the reason why a line moves is all about which way the action is being bet. So let’s assume that the Los Angeles Lakers are playing the Boston Celtics, and they are -4 to start the action. After a few hours go by, the line makes a move to -5 for the Lakers. This essentially means that the action is going on the Los Angeles Lakers, which made the line move by a full point. We are going to take a look a bit more in-depth at what exactly a line movement like this means, as well as a bit more.

Watching Line Movements Throughout the Day

This is crucial! Many of the biggest sports bettors out there will watch a line to see how the action is being bet, and make their move based on how the betting is going. You can see some serious line movements over time, especially in big games. Often times sports bettors will like a side on a team who is -3, but after only an hour or so the line could bump all the way to -5 for that team, which means that there is a TON of action going on that side. This could be a great time to get on the bet before it moves up even more, because there is definitely a good chance that it could happen. Likewise, it could be a good time to jump on the other side as all the value in the original opener is now gone most likely.

Reverse Line Movement

It is ALSO very important to note though, if you see something called “reverse line movement” (which means that the line is moving the opposite way of what it should, even with the public money on it) then it can be and strong indication and something you must pay attention to. If the public is betting heavily on one side of a game, but the line is not moving with the money, you then need to take a long hard look at the game. For example if Team A is -4 and getting the majority of the public money but the books move the game to -3, you will want to take a long hard look at the underdog. In very rare cases the book may be balancing its action, however more often than not it actually means the smart money is on the dog and the book is protecting itself. If you liked Team A at -4, wouldn’t you love them at -3?

Letting the Line Move

One of the biggest rules in sports betting is not to simply place a bet on a game just to get in on the action. Find something that you like, or give yourself some time to find something that you like. What I mean by that is that watching line movements can be a great way to find a bet that you love. Often times you’ll say that if a games line had moved “just a bit” that you would have been all over that bet. This is a spot where you can have that spot, and get your bit in on the game as soon as it happens. When the lines are first released take note of the odds and where everything stands. A few hours later, check them out again and see if there’s anything that’s moved in a direction that you like. Never settle, but always keep your mind open and continually research the odds that are out there. You’d be crazy not to take advantage of every resource that you have out there for sports betting, and one of those is the ability to watch how the lines move!


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