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FanDuel Explained Quickly:
The best way to explain FanDuel is to ask you some questions;
1) Ever played an entire SEASON of Fantasy football/basketball etc. only to get screwed in the last game of the season when all the money was on the line?
2) Did you draft LeSean McCoy 1st overall this season in NFL?
3) Would you like to be able to use your insane sports knowledge for something MORE than just winning arguments with your friends?

and lastly:

4) Do you like MONEY? (Well, that’s an easy one…SO GET ON IT!)

FanDuel is the EASIEST way to solve all the above questions/issues and for you to start making REAL MONEY TODAY!

FanDuel Advantages

1) FanDuel “leagues” or games are running ALL the time. They don’t end in Week 16 like your traditional year-long Fantasy leagues.
2) PayPal is accepted for deposit and payouts! Very easy to deposit and withdrawal.
3)The tournaments (aka GPPs for Guaranteed Prize Pools) are getting bigger and bigger by the week, making the Grand Prizes life changing amounts! Turn $25 to $150,000 etc.
4) It’s FUN! You’ll be surprised to see you will spend more time on your FanDuel lineup weekly over your regular year-long Fantasy leagues.
5) Freedom to play as many lineups as you like; every day, week etc. If someone is injured it doesn’t hurt you anymore, and you don’t need to scramble to see where you sit on the waiver wire.
6) Play in qualifiers that can land you playing for up to $1 MILLION in Las Vegas or even at the PlayBoy Mansion!

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