The Game:

Just as everyone thought that the Miami Heat were nearing the end, it was Dwayne Wade who stepped up when it mattered most. Wade had his best game of the playoffs, and possibly of the entire season when he scored 32 points, had 6 steals, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists. Don’t get me wrong; LeBron James was a dominant force yet again, as he had 33 points, 11 boards, and 4 assists. The biggest thing was that the two were just playing together and making things happen. So much for the Spurs having figured out the Heat. A shoutout has to go out to the third player of the big three as well though, as Chris Bosh was finally able to get out of any playoff funk for good it seems, with a 20 point and 13 rebound performance. Game 5 stays in San Antonio, and it’s really a big game for the Spurs so that they don’t have to go back to Miami down 3-2. Tip off is Sunday evening at 8:00pm EST.

The Heat need the big three to play these types of games, and they need the role players to help out as well. Ray Allen was strong in Game 4, which obviously helped, but the big three’s play was the biggest reason for their 16-point win. I expect the Spurs to look to get back at guarding LeBron James, and to stick with the smaller lineup more often. The Heat seemed to be able to get all over the Spurs when they had their larger lineup with Tiago Splitter in, which will have to change.

For the Spurs, Tony Parker played through his injury with a strong 15 points, 9 assists, and 4 rebounds. Aside from that though Tim Duncan was strong, and the rest of the players are going to need to give a little bit more for this Spurs team. They have the talent across the board, but the big men aren’t dominating how they really should. The Heat out rebounded the Spurs in Game 4, and this is something that just can’t happen for the home team in Game 5. We’ll have to watch Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green to see how they can do on both sides of the floor, as this will play a huge role in the outcome.

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Free Prediction:

Well, what to think. This is the series for the Spurs. If they lose this game then they are in some serious trouble, and I’d say that the series is pretty much over. People think that the Heat are just completely in control now, but that’s really not the case. The Spurs are going to be ready, Coach Pop will have them locked in playing MUCH better, and the Spurs will grab the win. It’ll be close throughout, but I see the Spurs pushing to a three-point win after a late free throw or two. Send this one back to Miami 3-2 in favor of San Antonio.

I’m going with the San Antonio Spurs- 98 over the Miami Heat- 95

Sports Betting Line and Odds:

Miami Heat: -1.5 (current line at most sportsbooks)
San Antonio Spurs: +1.5

Free Pick:

I’m shocked that the Heat are favored here. It’s fully understood that this is the series and the season for the Spurs. If they lose this game, and have to win two games back to back in Miami that’ll be a ridiculously tough task. I expect the Spurs to get the win, and even though they’re giving up a point and a half, I’m rolling with the Spurs straight up. GL!

FREE Pick: San Antonio Spurs ML : 1 Unit (+105)

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