The Game:

Well, it was…Ray Allen?…who saved the day for the Miami Heat. I guess I should give some credit to Chris Bosh as well as he had a big offensive rebound that saved the Heat, and also two huge blocks as well. Notice what I didn’t say in there? The name LeBron James. While LeBron was HUGE in the third quarter of Game 6 on Tuesday night, he just couldn’t do anything down the stretch for the Heat. Turnovers, missed shots, and almost a long, long summer for the MVP. If it wasn’t for the Ray Allen three pointer with just under two seconds left, this series would be over, and I wouldn’t be writing an article at all. Now though, since the Heat won in overtime, Game 7 tips off on Thursday night, and this game will probably be one of the most watched games in a long time.

The Spurs got everything possible from Tim Duncan, as he had 30 points and 17 boards, which would have been an amazing finishing game for the future Hall of Famer. He’ll need to put up one more strong game though to help his team out. To go along with the big game by Duncan, Kawhi Leonard put up 22 points and 11 boards, and Tony Parker had 19 points and 8 assists. The Spurs just need more from the other players, including Danny Green and Tiago Splitter for starters. Green struggled to get open, and he’ll need to get up some better shots in Game 7 to help the team grab the road win and the championship.

The Heat on the other side got a triple double from LeBron James, and as previously mentioned, he was insane during the third quarter and the early part of the fourth. LeBron had 32 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds, but Mario Chalmers’ sharp shooting and his 20 points helped out a whole lot as well. The Heat seemed to hit big shots from outside, and whenever they have a player aside from their big three step up, this seems to be when they pull out those close wins. This game went a bit differently, but they still got the win, and they are going to need Chalmers or another role player to step up in Game 7.

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Free Prediction:

Let me start by saying that just because the San Antonio Spurs suffered a brutal loss, they are absolutely not done. LeBron James stepped to the podium as an absolutely exhausted man after Game 6, and while I expect another big performance out of him, I don’t think he’ll be able to do enough. The Spurs play strong team basketball, and they always have someone who can step up. On Thursday I expect someone to step up big for the Spurs, but for Duncan to have another big game as well. I’m taking the Spurs to grab Game 7 from the exhausted Heat.

I’m going with the San Antonio Spurs- 97 over the Miami Heat- 92

Sports Betting Line and Odds:

San Antonio Spurs: +6 (current line at most sportsbooks)
Miami Heat: -6

Free Pick:

I am completely shocked that the line is this high for the Heat. Many people feel that the Heat completely turned this series around after Game 6, but I see this one being close regardless. While I am taking the Spurs to win the game outright, I’m going to play it safe and bet the Spurs +6 as the big bet, and then put a small bet down on the money line for the Spurs as well. GL!

FREE Pick: San Antonio Spurs +6 : 2.5 Units (-107) & also San Antonio Spurs ML : 1 Unit (+230)

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