The Game:

Thursday Night Football this week had the potential to be a big time game before the season, but things haven’t gone to plan for either of the two teams matching up this week in the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers. For the Chiefs, it’s been simply a disaster. They haven’t held a lead this entire year during regulation, and their only win came in overtime against the up and down New Orleans Saints. The Chiefs are in a seriously bad situation offensively, as they can’t get their running game going and their passing game has been far below average as well. For the Chargers though, it’s been some offensive struggles, as well as the team turning the ball over at some very tough times. They could very well be holding the top spot in the AFC West though if they hadn’t had that epic meltdown against the Denver Broncos a few weeks back when Philip Rivers turned the ball over four times in the second half.

The Chiefs are really going to need to do something to show that they have a pulse, or else there are going to be massive changes coming at the end of this season. They may not even be able to avoid that at this point, but while Matt Cassel was benched for Brady Quinn, Quinn then had a concussion and now Cassel is back in there. The offense has done pretty much nothing either way though, so I really think that the Chiefs are going to need to focus on running the ball with Jamaal Charles to have any chance to get this win on the road against one of their biggest rivals.

The Chargers simply need to avoid making those dumb mistakes and terrible turnovers. If Rivers can avoid throwing it into two or three man coverage and getting picked off then the Chargers should be able to get it done against the Chiefs. They really need to work the run game with Ryan Mathews from the early going, as it seems that at times they decide to go away from the run far too early in the game. If they can do this then their life will be much easier throughout the entire game, and Rivers will be able to make some simple passes to pick apart the defense.

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Free Prediction:

Sorry Chiefs fans; I really don’t see a road win happening here, and I’m not going to be picking you to win a game when you haven’t held a lead the entire year! The Chargers will get the win, but I do think that the Chiefs are going to show up and keep it close to some extent. I’m expecting around a touchdown win for the home team thanks to a solid performance from Ryan Mathews.

I’m gonna roll with the San Diego Chargers- 21 over the Kansas City Chiefs- 13

Sports Betting Line and Odds:

Kansas City Chiefs: +7.5 (current line at most sportsbooks)
San Diego Chargers: -7.5

Free Pick:

I’m a little skeptical on this big line of -7.5 for the home team, but I absolutely love the teaser option here. If you can do a 6-7 point tease here and get the Chargers under a FG, that is a pretty beautiful line for the home favorite. Also, looking at the total, the under goes to 49ish depending, and that is a very comfortable UNDER, especially for a team with as many offensive struggles as the Chiefs have had this season. I’m going large here, and the teaser option is definitely the way I’m betting this game. Good luck!

FREE Pick: 2-Team/6.5pt. Teaser: SD Chargers -1 / Under 49 : 3 Units : (-125)

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