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I’m now 9-3-1 my last 13 NFL picks, and I’m starting to heat up with lots of time to go yet! Now is your chance at getting my 2014/2015 NFL picks for Week 10 right through to the end of SuperBowl for CHEAP! I’ve got an INSANE SPECIAL DEAL for YOU! Last season my PREMIUM MEMBER picks hit like CRAZY, on a decent sample size of 40 Premium Picks, and 90 picks overall (up 30+ Units). Consistency is key, and my picks have been documented and on point for the last 3 years running! Trust me when I say you will NOT want to miss the rest of this NFL season.

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PREMIUM Picks : (2-5U Picks)


  • 2013-14 NBA Picks Overall: 44-31-3 +13.20U (58.67%)
  • 2013-14 NFL PREMIUM Picks Overall: 26-13-1 +23.36U (66.67%)
  • 2013-14 NFL Playoffs: 7-8-2 +1.12U (46.67%)
  • 2013-14 NFL Reg. Season: 45-25-3 +29.95U (64.29%)
  • 2012-13 NBA PREMIUM Picks Overall: 66-41-1 +43.19U (61%)
  • 2012-13 NBA Playoffs: 33-18 +14.89U (64.7%)
  • 2012-13 NBA Reg. Season: 75-68-6 +19.16U (52%)
  • 2012-13 NFL Playoffs: 5-3-1 +2.58U (62.5%)
  • 2012-13 NFL Reg. Season: 58-53-2 +14.61U (52.25%)
  • 2011-12 NBA Playoffs: 34-34 +4.44U (50%)
  • 2011-12 NBA Reg. Season: 123-103-7 +15.02U (54.42%)
  • 2012 NCAAB Overall: 24-14-1 +9.6U (63.16%)
  • 2012 NCAAB March Madness: 19-10-1 +9.07U (65.52%)
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    PREMIUM Picks : (2-5U Picks)

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