2013-14 NFL PREMIUM Picks Overall: 26-13-1 +23.36U (66.67%)

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I’m back with your chance at getting my 2014/2015 NFL Gold Package Picks CHEAP, and have I got an INSANE DEAL for YOU! Last season my PREMIUM MEMBER picks hit like CRAZY, on a decent sample size of 40 Premium Picks, and 90 picks overall (up 30+Units). Consistency is key, and my picks have been documented and on point for the last 3 years running! Trust me when I say you will NOT want to miss this NFL season.

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PREMIUM Picks : (2-5U Picks)


  • 2013-14 NBA Picks Overall: 44-31-3 +13.20U (58.67%)
  • 2013-14 NFL PREMIUM Picks Overall: 26-13-1 +23.36U (66.67%)
  • 2013-14 NFL Playoffs: 7-8-2 +1.12U (46.67%)
  • 2013-14 NFL Reg. Season: 45-25-3 +29.95U (64.29%)
  • 2012-13 NBA PREMIUM Picks Overall: 66-41-1 +43.19U (61%)
  • 2012-13 NBA Playoffs: 33-18 +14.89U (64.7%)
  • 2012-13 NBA Reg. Season: 75-68-6 +19.16U (52%)
  • 2012-13 NFL Playoffs: 5-3-1 +2.58U (62.5%)
  • 2012-13 NFL Reg. Season: 58-53-2 +14.61U (52.25%)
  • 2011-12 NBA Playoffs: 34-34 +4.44U (50%)
  • 2011-12 NBA Reg. Season: 123-103-7 +15.02U (54.42%)
  • 2012 NCAAB Overall: 24-14-1 +9.6U (63.16%)
  • 2012 NCAAB March Madness: 19-10-1 +9.07U (65.52%)
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    PREMIUM Picks : (2-5U Picks)

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