In online sports betting it is important that you know and understand the many sports betting terms thrown around. This online sports betting glossary will be a good resource to get you started.
1st Period bet- A first period bet relates to betting on ONLY the first of the three periods in a hockey game.

Accumulator- aka a Parlay. This is a bet with multiple teams, where you must bet on two or more selections to win and all must win in order to win your accumulator.

Action- This is having a bet on one side of a sports game. You would have action on the game.

Against the spread (ATS)- This means that you are betting on a team with the points. So if you take the underdog, you would be betting on them +4 potentially, likewise -4 with the favorite.

American Odds- This is one of the most popular ways that odds are shown in. An example of American odds is -110.

Book- This also means sportsbook which is where you find the lines and odds for a game that you are looking to bet on.

Bookie- A bookie is a person or site that will take the action that you place on a specific game.

Bonuses- Bonuses are essentially free money that a sports betting site will give you for using their site over another. These are VERY important for online sports bettors!

Chalk- Chalk is another word for the favorite in a sports bet.

Closing Line- aka the Closer. This is the final betting line that is out before a game begins.

Cover- A cover means that a team covered the point spread in a game. So if you bet a team -3 and they win by 5, not only did they cover, but also you won your bet!

Decimal Odds- This is another type of popular way that odds are shown. An example of decimal odds is something like 3.25-1.

Dog- aka the Underdog. This is the team who is GETTING points, and is not expected to win the game. This also shows in the money line where they normally will be paying much higher than the favorite.

Fade- This essentially means that you are betting against a team. If you fade one team, you are going to bet on their opponent.

Favorite- The favorite is the team who is expected to win the game. They are GIVING points, so their line will look something like -4. Opposite to the Dog, they normally pay much less on the money line.

First half bet- A first half bet relates most commonly to betting on one team’s spread or total for only one half of a football game.

Future- Futures bets can be about something that won’t be determined until far down the road. For example, it can relate to betting on a team to win the Super Bowl before the season kicks off.

Half time bet- This is the opposite of a first half bet, as you are now betting on a team or total in just the second half of a football game. The line for this is released at halftime of the game.

Handicapping- This relates to using statistics and information to choose a side of a sports bet.

Hedging- A betting strategy used to cut losses and/or guarantee profits by betting on the opposite side of something you’ve already bet.

Hook- The hook is another word for a ½ of a point in sports betting.

House- The house is the sportsbook or sports betting site that you use to place your bets. It just relates to the person/people who are taking your bet.

Juice- aka the Vig. It is the % that you are paying for placing the bet with a sports betting site.

Line- The line is another word for the point spread, and it shows which team is favored in a game, and by how much. It may move prior to game time in either direction.

Lock- A lock means that someone feels that a game is guarantee for a specific side of a sports betting option. People will say that this team is a “lock” to cover the point spread.

Middle- If you bet on a team at -7, and the line moves to -10, you might bet on the other side +10 in order to attempt to hit the middle of the bet.

Money line- aka ML or Straight Up. The money line simply means that instead of betting on a team to cover a spread, you are just betting on them to win the game outright.

Opening Line- aka the Opener. The opening line means the first sports betting line that is released on a game in any sport.

Over/Under- see Total. An over/under is the projected total number of points or goals for a game. Your job is to pick whether you think it will be over, or under that specific number.

Parlay- A parlay is one bet with accumulated odds of multiple selections. You must bet at least two selections and in order to win a parlay you must hit each bet involved in it.

Pick’em- This means that there is no point spread on the game, because the game could go either way. Both teams are evenly matched, so it is known as a pick’em.

Pleaser- This is the opposite of a teaser. So instead of subtracting six points from an NFL favorite, you would add the points. This pays out huge odds, and can be great if you feel confident that a team can blowout their opponent.

Point spread- This is another word for the line. It relates to the spread of a game, and shows you which side is the favorite and which side is the underdog.

Prop bet- A prop bet can relate to something that will happen during an actual game. For example, it may have to do with which player will catch the first touchdown pass in an NFL game, or who will score the first basket in an NBA game. There are game props, player props, and team props.

Public- This is generally the highest % bet to one way, or the bet that the public is all over. It could also mean the side of the bet that is getting the most bets from the everyday sports bettors, not the pros.

Push- aka a Wash. A push simply means that your bet is returned to your account. This happens if you bet a game at +7, and the team loses by exactly seven points. You don’t lose, but you don’t win either.

Quarter bet- A quarter bet relates to the NFL or the NBA, and gives you the option to bet on a team to win a specific quarter. So if you feel that a team will come out slow against their opponent, you could bet against them for the first quarter.

Sharp Money- aka the Smart Money. This is opposite of a Square. Sharp money is referred to as the pros or intelligent gamblers. This is the money that makes a line move in sports betting. This money can come in early and/or late and can cause some big moves sometimes.

Spread- This is another word for the line. It is short for point spread, and means that it is the number of points that one team is favored by.

Square- Opposite of a Sharp bettor. A square is a bettor who is uninformed in the sports betting world, but continues to bet. This can be a bettor who bets just to have action, or is just a huge sports fan but in unsophisticated in the sports betting scene.

Straight bet- A straight bet means that you are taking a team to win a game outright, or straight up.

Teaser- Teasers take the standard point spread, and move the line for you. The odds are affected quite a bit, but it could take a line from +3 for a team up to +10 in the NFL by doing a 7-point teaser.

Total- This is another word for the over/under. A totals bet just means that there is a projected number of points on a game, and you are betting on whether it will be more or less than that total.

Underdog- This is the team who has the + next to their name. They are the team who is not expected to win the game, so they are getting points in the match-up. They also pay more on the Money Line.

Unit- A unit is the specific size of the bet that you’ve placed. Most commonly it is $100. However, for some people it may only be $1, and for others it could be more around $1000. The nice thing is it can be any amount you choose.

Vig- aka the Juice. This is what you pay to play on a specific sports betting site. Normally it will be around 10% of your bet depending on the site.

Wash- This is another word for a push. There is no result on the bet, so a team who is favored by three ends up winning by three.

If you have any other terms you would like a definition for, or have any that you would recommend I add to this glossary, please contact me.