In the world of online sports betting, you’ve most likely heard of the name 5Dimes. Whether you’ve been on the site and placed a bet, or simply heard a friend talking about it, this site is one of the most popular and best sports betting sites out there today. 5Dimes is so strong for many reasons, some of which I’ll touch on below. This company was created in San Jose, Costa Rica back in 1999, so they have been around for a good bit now. The reason why 5Dimes was able to work their way to the top of the online sports betting world definitely has something to do with their impressive betting options, quickly updated odds, and also the fact that their withdrawals are done promptly and securely as well.

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One thing that 5Dimes does that you won’t find on many online sports betting sites is the fact that they offer excellent rewards programs for all types of players. So even if you are a recreational better who just likes to put a few dollars on each game, you can still get some great rewards out of using this site over another. In terms of their sports betting options you’ll find pretty much any type of sport that you could imagine, with an incredible amount of betting options as well. When you go into 5Dimes and sort by a specific sport or betting style, the list is definitely going to be in-depth so prepare yourself to do some research and look through a ton of great betting options. Another thing that is excellent about 5Dimes, is the fact that they specialize in more than just sports betting when it comes to the online gambling world. This site also offers an online casino that is excellent, an online poker room, a racebook, and even a lottery room as well. What’s also incredibly impressive about their poker room is the fact that it’s 3D! So if you are a fan of all the types of online gambling, don’t overlook 5Dimes.

As you can see, 5Dimes also allows United States sports bettors, which is huge in the sports betting world. So regardless of what country you are from, or what types of bets that you like to roll with, you can bet that 5Dimes will accept your action, and offer you odds and lines for whatever it is. 5Dimes also gives you the option to bet on games live during their commercial breaks, so don’t sweat it if you aren’t able to get a bit in on time before the start of the action. Overall, 5Dimes really gets a top notch rating from almost any sports bettor out there, and that includes me. This site literally offers sports bettors anything and everything that they could need, and overall they just simplify the idea behind sports betting in general. Check out 5Dimes and let us know what you think!

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