BookMaker is essentially the largest, most well-known, and popular online sports betting site out there I’d say. This is where all sports betting lines begin, and they are the definition of the leading man in terms of bets. BookMaker takes in an incredible number of high stakes bets each day, and is definitely a fan favorite of the highest stakes players in the world. As far as the creation of this massively popular sports betting site, it was created back in July of 1985, and they are currently based out of San Jose, Costa Rica. BookMaker has done an excellent job of finding a median between accepting the huge bets and great promotions for high stakes bettors, but also taking care of any of the recreational bettors at the same time.

Each day BookMaker displays their top ten games of the day in terms of the popularity of betting action, which is a nice touch especially if you are searching for a specific game that has been talked about quite a bit. Their website has an incredibly nice color scheme which makes betting their easy on the eyes, and they also offer two of the more popular things for online sports bettors these days in live betting and mobile betting. The idea behind both of these really caters to the sports bettors who are very “on the go” and don’t necessarily have time to check in on the lines and odds often from their home computer. Mobile betting gives you the opportunity to check out the odds and get your bets in on the fly, and live betting gives you many different betting options throughout the game as well, which is especially nice if you miss the start of the action! One thing that stood out to me personally was the different bet sizing options that they offer their bettors. BookMaker has a minimum bet size as small as $1 online and $50 over the phone and their maximum bet size is $5k online, and $20k by phone. BUT, if you call over the phone you can request a higher betting limit if you would prefer.

If there’s one thing that you want to bet on in the online sports betting world, it’s that BookMaker is one of the juggernauts in the industry. This site is simply a killer, and they offer sports bettors the world on their site. I previously mentioned their mobile betting and live betting options, but BookMaker is one of the only sites who have actually nearly perfected the mobile betting aspect of their site. They give you a nice start-up bonus to kick start your account and they also allow sports bettors from all over the world to create an account and place real money bets at any time. Obviously I can’t skip out on the fact that BookMaker also offers both online poker and online casino, and both of those have excellent layouts and great games offered also!

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