Bovada is the “new kid on the block” for the United States sports bettors out there in a sense. The reason why this is only partially true though is because this site was actually just created when Bodog moved out of the United States. Fortunately for any fans of Bodog, Bovada is actually almost the exact same site, and offers the same excellent promotions and sports betting lines. If you’ve ever looked into what the “must haves” of an online sports betting site are, you’ll find that Bovada simply covers them all. While I can say that Bovada was technically created in late 2011, they actually offer you more in terms of promotions and sports betting options than some of the oldest sports betting sites will!

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Bovada offers some of the easiest deposit and withdrawal methods online today, and they make the entire idea behind sports betting easier all around. Bovada has already made a name for themselves, and they not only offer online sports betting, but also offer the two other big time online gambling options in online casino play and online poker. Bovada has both a great casino and great poker room, but I can’t say enough about their actual sportsbook. Bovada is one of those sites that gives you the option to bet on sports that you may not have even known existed before creating an account there! While this may not be the best idea (you should bet on what you know!), it is still a nice added touch from them. On top of their many different sports, they also have an incredible amount of sports betting options that include futures bets and prop bets to go with the always popular point spread bets, money line bets, and totals bets! Oh, and in case you were wondering, Bovada also offers live betting and mobile betting just in case you end up missing the start of the action or need to place your bet on the go.

Bovada has taken the United States by storm after they were kick started in 2012. The reason why they are such an excellent sports betting option is because they essentially offer you whatever you could possibly want. On top of their incredible number of sports and sports betting options, you’ll find that their customer service is so easy to deal with. There is constantly someone there to help you with any of your sports betting needs, and they have simplified the idea behind sports betting. The fact that they also added mobile betting and live betting just makes this site an even better online sports betting option, because it shows that they understand that not everyone is able to sit back and wait to see what happens with the games that they were hoping to get action on. If you’ve never checked out Bovada, or don’t quite know how they work, then now is the perfect time to find out!

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